Previous Puzzles, Repairs, Restorations

And Conundrums


Below are some examples of previous work and future projects:

The slot-base to the left is cracked horizontally. Very odd! I sent this picture to Walt & Micki to ask whether we should epoxy this base. Seems logical! Lotsa work!

A couple of small stones were found in the slot and may be pieces of the puzzle that match this slot-base to the correct marker.

The two stones to the left were placed in their slot-bases and fixed with mortar.

The slot-bases had been previously discovered, re-aligned and re-set in the ground.

The Lydia Munger obelisk (left) that was erected at the Universalist clinic has begun to lean. I guess we didn’t do a good enough job packing our base mixture under the base....

Below: The grave marker that matches this slot-base needs to be cleaned and repaired.


The markers above and to the left need to be repaired and re-set, but first they need to be cleaned! There are others in the same condition.

Hopefully, we will have enough people at one of our “work parties” to clean these and other stones so they can be re-set and repaired.