Testimonials From Attendees From Prior

WCGS Cemetery RestorationWorkshops


    Comments from the attendees of previous Warren County cemetery  

    restoration workshops:

•"The cemetery restoration clinic was one of the best sessions that I have ever attended. It was an eye-opening experience on what should and should not be done to protect, repair and preserve the gravestones in our historic cemeteries. I’m ready to sign up when you have another clinic."

•"What a wonderful project! A great effort to preserve history and to share knowledge. Mr. Walter's presented a wonderful clinic and has inspired us to become active in the preservation of our own ancestral cemeteries." 

•"I felt the clinic offered a way to connect with the people who helped settle our city and offer them the respect and appreciation they deserve. It was wonderful seeing so many others interested in helping preserve the history of Springboro." 

•"I have two sets of great-great-great grandparents buried in Springboro and I am one of those with very strong feelings about our responsibility of honoring those who were pioneers in our community. When I heard about the workshop at the Universalist Cemetery, I just had to attend. Without a doubt it was one of the best events I've ever attended. Hats off to everyone who had a role in making this event possible. Hopefully, it will inspire even more individuals, organizations and city and county governments to encourage these efforts. Keep up the good work!"

•"I loved the clinic! I have, in fact already contacted the manager of two of the MetroParks (Carriage Hill and Possum Creek) to see if they would be willing to let me restore and clean the gravestones in the parks. He (as well as the Education Manager and the assistant manager) was absolutely thrilled that I had gone through the clinic and was wanting to work on their graveyards. I spent 5 hours at the one in Carriage Hill today. In that time, I used some of the methods taught in the clinic not only to assess what will need to be done to right and level the stones, but also to find two stones that have been long since missing. They had a picture from long ago that showed a picket fence coming off of the main limestone fence and two graves within the wooden fence. I probed the ground and found butts of two gravestones as well as remnants of a headstone. The clinic not only showed me how to find them but I was also able to take an educated guess at the size of the headstone by how far in the ground the butt was buried. PLEASE have another clinic this Fall. I think I might have found something I really love doing!! "

•"Walt's workshop was a real treat. We love old things and are excited about having the ability to restore old cemeteries. Keep us posted on other workdays, and we will try to attend. I have a probe (for locating field tile), spud bar, saw horses, and other tools that I would be glad to bring. Of course our ultimate interest is in the Null cemetery and what we can do to bring a little life back to that place. What you are doing is a great service to the history of the community."