CAESARS Creek Cemetery

WAyne twp, Warren County Ohio

Spring 2014


From the Warren County Genealogical Society’s Caesars Creek Cemetery web page:

This Quaker Cemetery was located at the Caesars Creek Monthly Meeting which was indulged on the 10th mo. 10th 1805 by the Miami Monthly Meeting in Waynesville. The cemetery is surrounded by a wonderful dry-laid stone fence . The meeting house (see below) was relocated to Caesars Creek Pioneer Village when the Caesars Creek Reservoir was created. The northern part of the reservoir is located just east of the cemetery.

From a list of other sites "indulged" on page 20 of "Proceedings, centennial anniversary, Miami Monthly Meeting : Waynesville, Ohio, 10th month, 16-17, 1903" Waynesville, Ohio: Press of Miami Gazette, 1903.
"Fifth - "Caesar's Creek" - granted 10, 10, 1805, and opened not far from the site of the present Caesar's Creek meeting house, on the n.w. side of the creek, about 7 miles nearly east of Waynesville, 10, 24, 1806.  Merged later in the established m.f.w. [meeting for worship] of the same name."

The Caesars Creek Meeting house originally located at this site has been moved and can now be seen at the Caesars Creek Pioneer Village [new url 25 Jul 2008]

The sign reads as follows:
"The Friends meeting house was built in 1849. It was preceded by two log buildings the first of which was built in 1805. The building and a cemetery were located close to Caesar's creek on the New Burlington road. The cemetery is surrounded by a wonderful dry wall stone fence.

"The remaining members of the meeting house wished to have the building preserved, so they gave permission for the CCPV to move it to the Village site. Professional movers were hired, and the building was moved intact to the Village. It has now been restored and is being used for a variety of meetings."


•West side of Caesars Creek Reservoir about 440 feet east of the dead end of New Burlington Road.

•"Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society , Cemetery #12327 (Caesars Creek) and #12332 (Quaker H.H.)

•Coordinates: 39° 32' 51"N, 83° 59' 01"W

•Virginia Military District Survey #2382

Last updated: Aug 16, 2013